Audiophile divers

Sheffield Lab

Lincoln Mayorga<&Distinguished Colleagues Vol III> LAB-1 mint EUR 32,-
Thelma Houston&Pressure Cooker-I've got the music in me LAB-2 US-Press mint EUR 69,-
Thelma Houston&Pressure Cooker-I've got the music in me


1975 GER

mint EUR 36,-
Harry James&his Big Band-the king james version


US 1976

mint EUR 18,-
Lincoln Mayorga ‎– Brahms Variations And Fugue On A Theme By Handel


GER 1976

mint EUR 22,-
Dave Grusin-Discovered Again LAB-5 mint EUR 49,-
Harry James-Comin from a good place LAB-6 GER-Press mint- EUR 18,-
Harry James-Comin from a good place LAB-6 mint EUR 26,90
Wagner<Die Walküre:Ride of the Valkyries/Tristan und Isolde:Prelude to Act I-a.o.>LAPO/Leinsdorf LAB-7 mint EUR 39,-
Prokofiev<Excerpts from the Ballet- Romeo And Juliet>LAPO/Leinsdorf LAB-8 mint EUR 39,-
Michael Newman<Classical Guitarist plays J.S.Bach/Albeniz/Turina/De La Maza> LAB-10 sealed EUR 30.-
Don Randy and Quest<New Baby> LAB-12 mint EUR 36,90
Don Randy and Quest<New Baby>DTD ltd edition LAB-12 mint EUR 28,90
Tower of Power<Direct> LAB 17 mint EUR 36.-
The Sheffield Track Record LAB-20 sealed EUR 110,-
James Newton Howard&Friends LAB-23 mint EUR 129,-
Stravinsky<Firebird Suite>/Debussy<Afternoon of a Faun> LAB-24 mint EUR 49.-
Lincoln Mayorga<The Missing link>DTD ltd Edition S-10 mint EUR 32,-
Lincoln Mayorga<The Missing link> S-10 mint- EUR 32,-
The Brinkerhoff Piano Company<Salates the sentimental Sixties> S-16 mint EUR 12,-
Dave Grusin<Discovered Again> ST-500 mint EUR 26,-
Clair Marlo<Let it go> TLP-29 mint EUR 269,-
Pat Coil<Steps>HQ 180g TLP-34HQ mint EUR 149,-
Pat Coil<Just Ahead>HQ 180g TLP-31HQ mint EUR 69,-