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Easy Listening/Rock'n Roll



Herb Alpert&The Tijuana Brass<What Now My Love> GER A&M 1966 mint- EUR 16.-
The Ames Brothers<The Blend And The Beat> US RCA Victor 1960 mono mint EUR 12.-
Various<A Taste of A&M Records> GER A&M 1967 mint- EUR 16.-
Giampero Boneschi<A New Sensation In Sound> Vol.1 IT CAM 1973 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 69.-
Pat Boone<Moonglow> UK London Mono mint EUR 39.-
Pat Boone<Stardust> GER Teldec London Mono 1963 vg+ EUR 32.-
Pat Boone<Das ist Pat Boone> GER Teldec London Mono 1958 mint- EUR 32.-
Johnny Burnette<Dreamin'> UK London Liberty mint- EUR 49.-
Johnny Burnette<Rock'n Roll> US Skyline mono mint- EUR 12.-
Johnny Burnette<Rock'n Roll Trio> UK Ace of Hearts mint- EUR 39.-
Chubby Checker Bobby Rydell<st> US Cameo mono (mint-)

EUR 18,-

Petula Clark<Portrait in Musik>‎ GER 1965 Vogue (mint)

EUR 18,-

Petula Clark<Petula Clark arr. & cond. Tony Hatch>‎ FR Vogue mono (mint-)

EUR 28,-

<Cocktail D'Images>Claude Vasori / Robert Viger / Daniel Janin ‎ FR Musique Pour L'Image 1972 (mint-)

EUR 69,-

Doris Day<The D.D. Christmas Album> US/Columbia/red 2 Eye (mint-)

EUR 49,-

Dion<Ruby Baby> US Columbia 2 Eye Mono mint EUR 69.-
Fats Domino<Sings Million Record Hits> US Imperial mint- EUR 28.-
Fats Domino<Million Sellers by Fats> US Imperial 1969 mint- EUR 36.-
Fats Domino<Million Sellers Vol.1> GER Liberty mint- EUR 26.-
Fats Domino<Fats on Fire> US ABC Paramount mint- EUR 28.-
Fats Domino<This is Fats> US Imperial mint EUR 28.-
Duane Eddy<Have 'Twangy'Guitar Will Travel> UK London wb mint- EUR 69.-
Das Orchester Kurt Edelhagen<Jazz/Pop> GER WDR mint EUR 39-
<Kurt Edelhagen und sein Orchester in Moskau> WDR Köln 10" mint EUR 22.-
Kurt Edelhagen and his Orchestra<Holiday in Brazil> GER Polydor mint EUR 49.-
Barry Forgie Orchestra<Combustion> UK Peer International Library Limited 1971 mint- EUR 32.-
The Four Freshmen<Voices In Fun> UK Regal EMI 1967 mint EUR.-
Max Greger<spielt zum Tanz> GER Polydor (mint-) EUR 49.-
Bill Haley and his Comets<Rock around the clock> GER 1957 DGG Brunswick 10' Green Cover mint- EUR 89.-
Bill Haley and his Comets<Rock around the clock> UK Ace of Hearts mint EUR 39.-
Bill Haley and his Comets<Rock Con Bill Haley> CHILE Alshire vg+ EUR 28.-
<Hawai Dreams> GER Delta sealed EUR 32.-
Buddy Holly<st> US-Coral mint- EUR 69.-
<India West-Indies And Quebec> IT CAM 1977 (mint) EUR 36.-
Buddy Holly<the Buddy Holly Story> UK-Coral 1955 (mint-) EUR 69.-
Horst Jankowski<Starportrait>Mr.Music Maker No1 GER Intercord DLP (mint) EUR 8.-
<Jazz Cornucopia> US Coral Promo (mint) EUR 49.-
Bert Kaempfert Swing Band<Combo Capers-Ideal zum Tanzen> GER DGG Polydor (mint) EUR 39.-
Bert Kaempfert Und Sein Orchester<Ein Neuer Klang Erobert Die Welt> GER DGG Polydor 1966 mono (mint) EUR 69.-
Paul Kuhn Bar Quintett<Tanzparty bei Paul 3> GER EMI Electrola (mint) EUR 26.-
Paul Kuhn und das SFB Tanzorchester<Big Band Berlin> GER Hörzu EMi Columbia (mint) EUR 39.-

James Last<Happy Beachparty>

GER Polydor Clubedition 1970 mint EUR 8,-

Jerry Lee Lewis<The Pumpin' Piano Cat>

FR 1982 Sun RE 10" mint EUR 18,-

Little Richard<And There's A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On>

UK 1968 Joy mint- EUR 39,-

Little Richard<st>

US Specialty mint- EUR 49,-

Julie London<sings Latin in a satin mood>

US Liberty sealed EUR 89,90
Helen Merrill<with strings> US Emarcy mint- EUR 129.-
Million Dollar Quartet<Elvis,J.Cash,C.Perkins,J.Lee Lewis> UDS OMD mono (mint) EUR 69.-
Ricky Nelson<More songs by Ricky> US-Imperial mint- EUR 39.-
Ricky Nelson<Ricky> US-Imperial 1957 mint- EUR 139.-
Ricky Nelson<dto> US-Imperial 1958 mint- EUR 89.-
Ricky Nelson<teen time> US-Verve vg+ EUR 169.-
<Rock'n Roll with Tony Allen And The Night Owls> US Crown mint- EUR 39.-
Roy Orbison<at the Rockhouse> US Sun mint EUR 299.-
Roy Orbison<In Dreams> US Monument 1964 Stereo mint- EUR 69.-
Roy Orbison<Orbisongs> US Monument mint EUR 28.-
Hazy Osterwald Sextet<Hazy's Nightclub> GER DGG Polydor mint EUR 39.-
Orfeu Negro<24 Welthits aus Südamerika> GER Philips DLP mint- EUR 12.-
Betty Page-Danger Girl<Burlesque Music> GER Q.D.K. Media 1996 sealed EUR 39.90
Betty Page-Jungle Girl<Exotique Music> GER Q.D.K. Media 1998 mint EUR 39.-
Parry Music Library 22<Elektronix> CAN Parry Music Library 1975 mint EUR 39.-
Parry Music Library 37<Journey Into Space> CAN Parry Music Library 1980 mint EUR 39.-
Carl Perkins<Rock&Roll> GER CBS mint- EUR 28.-
Elvis Presley<Gold Records Vol.4> GER RCA Victor (mint) EUR 49.-
Elvis Presley<Loving You> US RCA Victor White Dog mono (mint-) EUR 49.-
Elvis Presley<Elvis> US-RCA Living Stereo White Dog mint- EUR 69.-
Elvis Presley<Record Covers> GER-RCA 1977 Compilation mint EUR 129.-
Elvis Presley<in G.I.Blues> US-RCA Living Mono White Dog mint- EUR 129.-
Elvis Presley<Elvis for everyone> US 1965-RCA Living Mono White Dog mint- EUR 69.-
Elvis Presley<Golden Records> US-RCA Living Mono White Dog mint- EUR 89.-
Elvis Presley<Blue Hawai> GER Teldec RCA black mint EUR 69.-
P.J.Proby<P.J.Proby....In Town> UK 1965 Liberty mono mint- EUR 26.-
Cliff Richard<Good News> GER 1967 EMI Columbia mint EUR 32.-
Tito Rodriguez and his South American Band<Tropicana> GER UA mint- EUR 18.-
<Sagra Della Vita(Abruzzo) Balletto> Oronzo De Filippi IT Edimerc (mint-) EUR 28,-
Bobby Scott<Serenade> US-Verve Clef (mint-) EUR 36,-
Jack Scott<Jack Scott> US-Carlton ‎–1958 Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono (mint-) EUR 119,-
The Scottmen Plus<Pace Setter> UK-Peer International Library Limited ‎ 1970 (mint-) EUR 18,-
Big Band Ambros Seelos<Joze Privsek> GER Europhon mint EUR 32,-
Ambros Seelos<Your Favorites> GER Saba (mint-) EUR 26,-
Ambros Seelos<Beats and Sweet> GER MPS BASF (mint) EUR 39,-
The Shadows<From Hank, Bruce, Brian and John> GER 1965 EMi Columbia (mint) EUR 28,-
Shakin'Stevens and the Sunsets<From Memphis To New Orleans> GER Teldec 1983 (mint) EUR 39,-
Shakin'Stevens and the Sunsets<Shakin'Stevens and the Sunsets> GER Teldec 1975 (mint) EUR 39,-
Shakin'Stevens and the Sunsets<A Legend> UK EMI Parlophone (mint-) EUR 129,-
Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers<Let's Do The Madison twist Locomotion Slop Hully Gully Monkey> GER Polydor 1963 (vg+) EUR 69,-
Tony Sheridan<My Bonnie> GER Polydor 1980 reissue (sealed) EUR 149,-
Tony Sheridan<Just a little bit of T.S.> GER Polydor 1987 reissue (mint) EUR 69,-
Tele Music 4<Guitares Classiques>Georges Chatelain FR Telemusic 1970 (mint-) EUR 12.-
Tele Music 9<Music Bazaar>J.-J. Debout, Y. Nilovic FR Telemusic 1969 (mint-) EUR 89.-
Tele Music 11<Flute+Clavecin>Raymond Guiot FR Telemusic 1970 (mint-) EUR 16.-
Tele Music 17<Musique En Vrac>R. Guiot, G. Pedersen, B. Estardy, G. Peram, H. Roy, Y. Nilovic FR Telemusic 1971 (mint-) EUR 49.-
Tele Music 18<Electro Sounds>Bernard Estardy FR Telemusic 1972 (mint-) EUR 89.-
Tele Music 21<Continental Pop Sound>Pierre-Alain Dahan FR Telemusic 1972 (mint-) EUR 110.-
Tele Music 24<Pianos Romantiques> Raymond Guiot FR Telemusic 1972 (mint) EUR 16.-
Tele Music 27<Vibrations> Bernard Lubat FR Telemusic 1972 (mint) EUR 28.-
Tele Music 28<Maxi-Music> Guy Pedersen FR Telemusic 1972 (mint) EUR 39.-
Tele Music 31<Jazz Panorama>Raymond Guiot FR Telemusic 1972 (mint) EUR 28.-
Pat Thomas<Desafinado> GER MGM (mint) EUR 26.-
Various<Tobacco A-Go-Go-North Carolina Rock'n'Roll In The Sixties> US 1984 Blue Mold (mint) EUR 36.-
Caterina Valente<C.V.'s Greatest Hits> UK Decca Smallband (mint) EUR 32.-
Ritchie Valens<st> US Del Fi 1959 (vg+) EUR 120,-
<Zacharias Plays Strauss-Heut' Spielt Der Strauss> GER Polydor 1959 mono (mint) EUR 36.-