Pop/Rock gebraucht ab 1980/ Reissues

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AC DC<Live At River Plate> EU Columbia ‎– Sony Music ‎– 2012 3 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Red mint EUR 28,-
A Certain Ratio<Sextet> UK Fact 55 1982 mint EUR 119,-
Acid Dreams<The Return of Acid Dreams> Not On Label mint EUR 69,-
Ryan Adams<Heartbreaker> UK Bloodshot 2000 mint/cover vg+ EUR 69,-
Ryan Adams&the Cardinals<III/IV> US Pax Americana Record Company ‎– PAX 2010 Vinyl, LP, Red Marble Translucent Vinyl, LP, Blue Marble Translucent All Media, Album, Gatefold mint EUR 189,-
Barry Adamson<The King of Notting Hill> Mute Rec UK DLP 2006 mint/cover vg+ EUR 22,90
Alice<Park Hotel> EU EMI ‎– 1C 064 11 8771 1 1986 Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo mint EUR 6,-
Apparat<The Devil’s Walk> UK Mute Rec 2011Vinyl, LP, Album CD mint EUR 69,90
Die Ärzte<Ab18> GER CBS ‎ 1987 Vinyl, 10", 33 ⅓ RPM, Compilation mint-/cover vg+ EUR 39,-
Die Ärzte<Geräusch> GER 2003 Hot Action Records mint EUR 149,-
Die Ärzte<Debil> GER 2003 CBS mint EUR 39,-
After All<st> EU Comet Records mint EUR 32,-
Air<Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi> FR Source 1997 mint EUR 26,-
Air<Talkie Walkie> EU Source mint EUR 49,-
Air<The Virgin Suicides> EU Virgin ‎– V 2910, Source ‎– 7243 8488481 9, Record Makers ‎– REC-01 2000 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 28,-
Alien Sex Fiend<Acid Bath> UK 1984 Anagram mint EUR 28,-
Ame Son<Catalyse> IT Get Back mint EUR 28,-
Ami Marie<Verrückt Nach Glück> GER Ariola 1981 mint EUR 89,-
Laurie Anderson<United States Live> EU WB 1984 5xLP Boxset mint- EUR 26,-
Darol Anger/Barbara Higbie<Tideline> US 1982 Windham Mill Promo mint EUR 16.-
Antarctica<New Music From Antarctica,Volume1> US Antarctica 1982 mint EUR 18.-
The Apartments<The Shyest Time> UK Glass Records 1988 Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM mint- EUR 26.-
Art Zoyd<Berlin>

GER Ausfahrt 1987

mint- EUR 39,-
Art Zoyd<Les Espaces Inquiets>

FR Cryonic Inc 1984

mint- EUR 49,-
Art Zoyd<Phase IV>

UK Recommended Records ‎– RR 14/15 1982 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album

mint- EUR 100,-
Ashra<Belle Alliance>

GER Virgin Ariola 1980

mint- EUR 28,-
Atomic Rooster<st> UK EMI 1980 mint- EUR 39,-
Atom Rhumba<Chasin' the Onagro>

SP Munster 2001

mint EUR 26,90 **
Attwenger<Most> GER Trikont 1991 mint EUR 28,-
Attwenger<Song> GER Trikont 1997 DLP mint EUR 18,-
The Avett Brothers<I and Love and You> GER Sony American 2009 DLP mint- EUR 39,-
Axxis<The Big Thrill> GER EMI Electrola ltd ed 1000 units mint EUR 69.-
Baby Animals<Babyus Animalus> UK BMG 3LP Boxset Promo mint EUR 69,-
The Babyshambles<Shotters Nation> EU Parlophone 2007 mint EUR 129,-
Bad Religion<The Gray Race> NL Dragnet Records ‎ 1996 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 69,90
Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning<Guns, Love And A Cactus In Your Heart> GER Happy Valley Records 1990 ‎ Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 12,-
Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning<Spike!> GER Happy Valley Records ‎–1988 Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 26,-
Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning<The Record That Took 300 Million Years To Make> GER EFA Happy Valley 1987 mint EUR 49,-
Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning<Whole Lotta Love> GER EFA Happy Valley 1988 EP mint EUR 26,-
Cliff Barnes and The Fear Of Wining<Spike> GER Happy Valley mint EUR 26,-
Baroness<Yellow&Green> US Relapse Records 2012 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Yellow/Green Split mint EUR 109,-
Baroness<Yellow&Green> US Relapse Records 2012 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Yellow Opaque mint EUR 89,90
Baroness<Blue Record>Live at Roadburn Festival US Relapse Records Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Repress, Orange Opaque
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Repress, Blue Transparent
Vinyl, LP, Blue Opaque/Seafoam Green Split
All Media, Album, Limited Edition
mint EUR 199,-
The Barracudas<The Garbage Dumps Tapes!: House Of Kicks Sessions-1982> UK Shakin' Street Records ‎ 1989 mint- EUR 16,-
Syd Barrett<Barrett> UK Harvest ‎EMI 100 1997 Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, 180g mint EUR 69,-
Various<Gone 2 "Basement Walls"> UK Antar ‎– GONE 2 1986 Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release mint- EUR 36,-
Battle Of The Garages<st> US Voxx Records ‎– Serie: Battle Of The Garages – Vol 1 1981 Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation mint- EUR 18,-
Stiv Bators<Disconnected> GER Line 1981 mint- EUR 18,-
Franco Battiato<Mondi Lontanissimi> IT La Voce Del Padrone ‎– 64 1187071 T 1985 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 6,-
Beach Boys<Pet Sounds> US Capitol 2006 40thanniversary ltd Ed. 2LP green+yellow vinyl mint EUR 69,-
Beasts of Bourbon<The Axeman's Jazz> GER Normal/Red Eye mint- EUR 32,-
Beasts of Bourbon<Gone> GER Normal/Red Eye mint EUR 89,90
Beasts of Bourbon<Sour Mash> GER Normal/Red Eye mint EUR 59,-
Beasts of Bourbon<The Low Road> GER Normal mint EUR 49,-
Beasts of Bourbon<From The Belly Of the Beasts> GER Normal DLP mint EUR 89,-
The Beat Goes On<The Eighties Sing The Sixties>VA Bootleg 2LP Boxset mint EUR 69,-
Beat Happening<You turn me on> GER Sub Pop 1992 mint- EUR 28.-
Beatles<Yellow Submarine Songtrack> UK Apple EMI 1999 Yellow Vinyl Gatefold mint EUR 69,-
The Beatles<Supertracks> UK Trade Mark Of Quality Bootleg 1983 mint- EUR 89,-
Beatsteaks<Smack Smash> EU Warner Epitaph White vinyl mint EUR 189,-
Because<Mad Scared Dumb And Gorgeous> UK Haven 1992 mint- EUR 26,-

US Bong Load 1998 Vinyl, LP, 180 Gram Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM All Media, Album, Limited Edition

mint EUR 149.-

US Bong Load 1996 1st US press ltd ed. 180g LP

mint EUR 189,-

EU Bong Load 2014 Vinyl, LP, Album, Unofficial Release, Blue Vinyl

mint EUR 129,-
Beck<Guerolito> US Interscope Records 2005 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 28,-
Beck<Modern Guilt> US DGC 2008 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 69,-
Jeff Beck And The Big Town Playboys<Crazy Legs> NL Epic 1993 mint- EUR 28,-
Belle And Sebastian<Storytelling> UK Jeepster 2002 mint EUR 20,90
Belle And Sebastian<The Life Pursuit by Belle And Sebastian> UK Rough Trade DLP mint EUR 89,-
Bent Wind<Sussex> UK Heyoka mint- EUR 49,-
Bevis and Twink<Magic Eye> UK Woronzow mint- EUR 32,-
The Bevis Frond<Inner Marshland> UK Woronzow 1987 mint- EUR 39,-
The Bevis Frond<London Stone> UK Woronzow mint EUR 49,-
The Bevis Frond<New River Head> UK Woronzow DLP mint EUR 32,-
The Bintangs<Mickey Finn> NL Ariola 1980 mint- EUR 18,-
The Birdmen of Alcatraz<Glidin'off> IT Electric Eye EP mint EUR 36,-
Sir Richard Bishop<While my guitar violently weeps> Locust Music 180g LP mint EUR 18.-
The Fred Bison Five<Beatroots> UK Woronzow mono mint EUR 24,-
Björk<Volta> UK&Europe Polydor Ltd. Serie: Back To Black – 2016 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo, 180gram+MP3 mint EUR 22,-
Björk<Volta> UK&Europe One Little Indian Records 2015 Heavy Weight 180g Vinyl Pressing 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 gram mint EUR 39,-
Frank Black And The Catholics< Live At Melkweg> US The Bureau ‎ 2012 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 49,-
The Black Crowes<The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion> US American Def mint EUR 69.90

The Black Crowes<shake your moneymaker>

US American Def 1st press mint EUR 149,-
The Black Crowes<Amorica> US American Rec white vinyl mint EUR 89.90
The Black Crowes<By Your Side> US American Rec mint EUR 139.-
Bloc Party<A weekend in the city> UK&Ireland Wichita 2007 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 109,-
Bloc Party<Silent Alarm> UK Wichita 2005 mint EUR 169,-
Luka Bloom<Between the mountain and the moon> GER Skip 2001 Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition mint EUR 39,-
Luka Bloom<Tribe> GER 2007 Skip Vinyl, LP, Album, 180g mint EUR 28,-
The Blue Nile<A Walk Across The Rooftops> UK Linn mint EUR 39,-
Blue Ruin<Flame> AUS Rampant Releases 1987 mint- EUR 26,-
Phillip Boa and the Voodoo Club<Live! Exile on Valletta Street> GER Polydor DLP mint EUR 18,90
Phillip Boa and the Voodoo Club<Hair> GER Polydor DLP mint EUR 18,90
Bobo<Bobo In White Wooden Houses> GER Pilgrim 1981 mint- EUR 28,-
Bodkin<st> IT Akarma mint EUR 49,-
The Bollock Brothers<In Private Public> UK Charly 1986 DLP mint- EUR 12.-
The Bollock Brothers<Live Performances - Official Bootleg> UK Charly 1983 mint- EUR 12.-
The Bollock Brothers<The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse> UK Charly 1985 mint- EUR 12.-
The Bollock Brothers<The Prophecies Of Nostradamus> GER Blue Turtle 1987 mint- EUR 12.-
Bona Dish<The Zaragoza Tapes:1981-1982> UK Captured 2013 Remastered Compilation mint EUR 39,-
David Bowie<Earthling> EU RCA 1997 ltd Ed. Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Gatefold, white sticker mint EUR 399,-
David Bowie<Earthling> EU Arista BMG 1997 ltd Ed. Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Gatefold mint EUR 299,-
David Bowie<Excerpts From Outside> EU BMG Arista 1995 mint EUR 199,-
David Bowie<Heathen> EU Columbia 2002 mint EUR 89,-
David Bowie<Heroes> UK RCA mint EUR 129,-
David Bowie<The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars> GER RCA ‎– CL 13843 Serie: Best Buy Series 1983 Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue mint EUR 39,-
David Bowie<White Light / White Heat> LUX The Swingin' Pig ‎– TSP 053 1990 Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release, White Marbled mint-/cover vg+ EUR 39,-
David Bowie<Ziggy Stardust- The Motion Picture> CZ Globus International DLP Blue Vinyl mint EUR 189,-
Boy Miez Girl<Await You At The Door> GER OnTracks mint EUR 20,90
Brian Brain<Unexpected Noises> UK Secret Records BRAIN 1 1980 Vinyl, LP, Album mint-/cover vg+ EUR 16,-
The Brandos<Over the border> GER Blue Rose 2006 mint EUR 18,-
Die Braut haut ins Auge<Was nehm ich mit?> GER Ja/Nein mint EUR 28,-
Brian Briggs<Brian Damage> US Bearsville 1980 mint- EUR 39,-
Broadlahn<st> AT The Fab Records mint EUR 18,-
The Brood<Hitsville> US Dionysus 1995 mint- EUR 39,-
Terry R. Brooks<To Earth With Love> US Star People 1980 Dark Green Marbled vinyl mint- EUR 28,-
Bubonix<Capsaicin> GER Nois-O-Lution 2008 Orange Vinyl mint EUR 20.90
Eric Burdon<I used to be an animal> GER Metronome 1988 mint- EUR 16.-
Chris Burroughs<West Of Texas> FR 1990 Rose mint EUR 18,-
Chris Burroughs<Trade Of Chains> FR 1991 Rose mint EUR 18,-
Chris Cacavas<New Improved Pain> GER Normal 1995 mint- EUR 18,-
John Cale<Artificial Intelligence> UK Beggars Banquet mint- EUR 39,-
Peter Case<The Man With The Blue Postmodern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist Guitar> US Geffen 1989 mint- EUR 16,-
Johnny Cash<American Recordings Vol.III:Solitary Man> UK American Recordings Rhino Reissue 2006 mint- EUR 18,-
Certain General<These Are The Days> FR 1985 L'Invitation Au Suicide Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album mint- EUR 16,-
Chad's Tree<st> UK Hot 1986 45RPM mint EUR 18,-
The Chameleons<Script Of The Bridge> EU Statik 1983 mint- EUR 16,-
The Chameleons<What Does Anything Mean?Basically> GER Statik 1985 mint EUR 32,-
Chanel3<I've Got A Gun> UK No Future 1982 mint- EUR 39,-
Ben Chantice<Monoland> GER Supermodern 2006 mint- EUR 18,-
Cheepskates<Live in Berlin'88-Waiting for Ünta> GER Music Maniac mint- EUR 18.-
Chief<Modern Rituals> UK Domino 2010 Vinyl, LP, Gatefold mint- EUR 12.-
Alex Chilton<Bach's Bottom> GER Line Records 1981 mint- EUR 69.-
Alex Chilton<Like Flies On Sherbert> UK Aura 1980 mint- EUR 69.-
Clan of Xymox<Medusa> GER Rough Trade mint EUR 32,-
Eric Clapton<Me and Mr Johnson> Reprise mint EUR 22,-
Johnny Clegg&Savuka<Shadow Man> EU EMI ‎– 1988 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 12,-
Joe Cocker<Definite. 1964-1986-His Greatest Songs> GER Dinomusic 1987 mint EUR 28,-
Cocteau Twins<Victorialand> UK 4AD 1986 mint- EUR 49,-
Coil<Horse Rotorvator> GER Recordvox 1987 mint EUR 39,-
Combustible Edison<Schizophonic!> GER Bungalow ‎1996 Vinyl, LP, Album mint/cover mint- EUR 28,-
Contriva<if you had stayed> GER lok DLP 2003 mint- EUR 28,-
Julian Cope<Fried> UK Mercury 1984 mint- EUR 18,-
Corupt Souls<Wicked Live EP> Moving Shadow EP mint EUR 28,-
The Cosmic Gardeners<Concerning Internal Signets> GER Stono Records 1991 mint- EUR 26,-
Cosmic Rough Riders<Enjoy the melodic sunshine> UK Poptones 2000 mint- EUR 39,-
Country Joe&the Fish<Together> EU Vanguard 1998 180g mint EUR 26,-
Cowboy Junkies<Black Eyed Man> EU RCA BMG 1992 mint EUR 39,-
Kevin Coyne<Bursting Bubbles> GER Virgin 1980 mint- EUR 16,-
The Cramps
<Psychedelic Jungle>
NL I.R.S. 1981 mint- EUR 18,-
The Cramps
US Vengeance 1987 mint- EUR 16,-
The Cramps<Gravest Hits> Virgin mint EUR 26,-
The Cranberries<No Need To Argue> UK 1994 Island Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 169,-
The Cranberries<Bury the hatchet> UK Island/Mercury 1999 DLP mint EUR 299,-
The Crossfires<Out Of Control> US Rhino 1981 mint- EUR 16,-
The Cynics<Rock'n Roll> US Get Hip 1990 mint- EUR 18,-
The Cynics<Twelve Flights Üp> US Get Hip clear vinyl mint- EUR 12,-
Holger Czukay Jah Wobble Jaki Liebezeit<Full Circle> GER Virgin 1982 mint EUR 39,-
Holger Czukay/U-She<The New Millenium> GER Fünfundvierzig DLP mint EUR 89,-
Da Capo<Da Capo>

GER Little Wing Of Refugees 1988 Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue

mint- EUR 69,-
Dalis Car<The Waking Hour>

UK Virgin 1984

mint- EUR 26,-
The Damned<The Black Album>

GER Chiswick Metronome

mint EUR 49,-
Das Ich<Staub>

GER Danse Macabre

mint EUR 39,-

GER Virgin 1983

mint- EUR 16,-
Dead Moon<Strange Pray Tell> GER Music Maniac 1992 mint- EUR 39,-
Depeche Mode<Music For The Masses> GER Mute 1987 Blue Vinyl Embossed Cover Orig.Innersleeve mint- EUR 39,-
Depeche Mode<Violator> GER Mute mint EUR 39,-
Deus<In a bar, under the sea> UK Island 1996 mint EUR 149,-
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft<Alles ist gut> GER Virgin 1981 mint- EUR 28,-
Devastations<Coal> UK Beggars Banquet mint EUR 28,-
Dezerter<Underground Out Of Poland> UK Maximum Rock N Roll 1987 mint EUR 69,-
Dif Juz<Vibrating Air> UK 4AD ‎–1981 Vinyl, 12" mint- EUR 32.-
Dire Straits&Mark Knopfler<The Best of-Private Investigations> UK Mercury DLP mint EUR 39.-
Divine Horsemen<Devil's River> FR New Rose Records 1986 mint- EUR 16.-
Doctors Of Madness<Revisionism> UK Polydor 1981 mint- EUR 26.-
Dog Faced Hermans<Everyday Timebomb> UK PlayLoud mint- EUR 49.-
Drahdiwaberl<Jeannys Rache> AUT GiG mint- EUR 39,-
Nick Drake<Fruit Tree> US Hannibal Records ‎ 1986 4 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation Box Set, Limited Edition, Booklet mint- EUR 169,-
Dream Syndicate<This is not the new D.S. Album Live> NL A&M mint EUR 16.-
Dream Syndicate<st> US Down There 1982 45RPM mint-/cover vg EUR 12.-
Dream Syndicate<Out of the grey> GER Chrysalis mint EUR 12.-
Dream Syndicate<Ultimate Feedback> GER MGR Records 1984 mint-/cover vg+ EUR 18,-
D.R.I.<4 of a kind> NL Metal Blade Recordings 1988 mint- EUR 39,-
The Dubrovniks<Audio Sonic Love Affair> GER Normal mint EUR 39.-
The Dubrovniks<Dubrovnik Blues> GER Normal mint- EUR 18.-
The Dubrovniks<Medicine Wheel> GER Normal mint EUR 32.-
Dust<Dust> Akarma mint EUR 26.-
Dylan&The Dead<st> EU CBS mint EUR 39.-
Bob Dylan<Freewheelin' Outtakes> UK Mr.Suit 2013 mint- EUR 69,-
Bob Dylan<Time Out Of Mind> US Columbia 1997 mint- EUR 139,-
Bob Dylan<Halloween Mask-Part Two> IT World Productions mint- EUR 69.-
Eagles<Hell Freezes Over> EU Geffen Records ‎– GEF 24725 1994 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 399.-
Ego On The Rocks<Acid In Wounderland> GER Jupiter Records 1981 mint- EUR 49.-
Einstürzende Neubauten<Strategies Against Architecture II> UK+EU EGO, Potomak ‎1991 2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation mint- EUR 89.-
Various<#@$- 11 Mal Elektronische Musik Aus München> GER Chaos Sound Unlimited 1988 mint/Cover vg+ EUR 12.-
Enemies of Art<Kissing the Muse> GER Triton 1988 mint- EUR 8.-
English Dogs<Invasion Of The Porky Men> UK Clay 1984 mint- EUR 49.-
Eno<Another Green World> US Editions E.G. 1982 mint EUR 32.-
Donald Fagen<Sunken Condos> Reprise EU DLP Clear Vinyl mint EUR 35.-
Donald Fagen<Morph the Cat> Reprise US 2 LP HPV 180G RTI mint EUR 49.-
The Fall<Totale's Turns (It's Now Or Never)> UK Rough Trade 1980 Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Repress, Glossy Sleeve mint- EUR 28,-
The Fall<Palace Of Swords Reversed-Compilation 1980-83> UK Rough Trade 1987 Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Repress, Glossy Sleeve mint- EUR 28,-
The Fall<The Frenz Experiment> GER Rebel Rec 1988 mint- EUR 49,-
The Feelies<Crazy Rhythms> GER Stiff Records 1980 mint- EUR 49,-
The Felice Brothers<Yonder Is The Clock> US Team Love Records ‎– TL-39 2009 2 × Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, 180 gram mint- EUR 26,90
Fellow Travellers<Just A Visitor> GER Normal 1992 mint- EUR 18,-
The Fiends<in Scareo> US Dionysus 10' LP mint EUR 28,-
Firehouse<st> NL Epic 1990 mint- EUR 26,-
V.A.<Flashback Vol.1-Take A Trip To The Psychedelic/Punk Era In Texas> GER 1980 Flashback ec ltd ed. No 219
mint- EUR 39,-
V.A.<Flashback Vol.2-Take A Trip To The Psychedelic/Punk Era In Texas> GER 1980 Flashback ec ltd ed. No 228
mint- EUR 49,-
Fleetwood Mac<Fleetwood Mac> US Reprise Records ‎ 2012 2 × Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Gatefold mint EUR 119,-
Fleetwood Mac<Rumours> US WB Reprise 2011 2x 45RPM LP mint EUR 89,-
Flesh For Lulu<Big Fun City> GER Virgin - Statik Records 1985
mint- EUR 18,-
Flotsam And Jetsam<Doomsday For The Deceiver> NL Roadracer Records ‎– 1986 Vinyl, LP, Album
mint- EUR 49,-
Dan Fogelberg<The Innocent Age> US Epic/ Full Moon 1981 DLP mint- EUR 8,-
Riccardo Fogli<Il Primo> IT RCA 1981 mint- EUR 69.-
V.A.<Forbidden City Dog Food> AUST
Vip Vop
mint- EUR 18,-
The Four Horsemen<Nobody said it was easy> US American DEF mint EUR 28,-
Franz Ferdinand<st> UK Domino 2004 mint- EUR 26,-
The Fratellis<Costello Music> EU Drop The Gun Recordings, Island Records Group ‎ 2006 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 139,-
Freaky Fukin Weirdoz<Mao Mak Maa> GER RCA 1994 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 39,-
V.A.<Friendship Compilation> GER Kick-Side Records 1992 mint- EUR 28,-
Edgar Froese<Epsilon in Malaysian Pale> UK Virgin 1985 mint- EUR 28,-
Fugazi<Instrument,Soundtrack> UK Dischord new EUR 39,90
Fugazi<Repeater> US Dischord mint- EUR 49,-
The Fugs<First Album> Akarma 180g DLP mint EUR 39.-
Rory Gallagher<Jinx> GER Chrysalis 1982 mint- EUR 18,-
Garbage<Garbage> UK Mushroom ‎– L 31450 1995 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 69,-
Gastr Del Sol<Camoufleur> UK 1998 Dominorec mint EUR 49,90
Gastr Del Sol<Upgrade&Afterlife> US 1996 Drag City LP + 12" 45RPM mint EUR 69,90
Giant Sand<Ballad Of A Thin Line Man> UK Zippo Records 1986 mint- EUR 28,-
Giant Sand<Giant Sandwich> UK What Goes On Records 1991 mint- EUR 18,-
Giant Sand<Long Stem Rant> UK Demon Records 1989 mint- EUR 16,-
Giant Sand<Storm> UK Demon Records 1988 mint- EUR 16,-
Giant Sand<The Love Songs> UK Demon Records 1988 mint- EUR 28,-
Giant Sand<Valley Of Rain> UK Zippo Records 1986 mint EUR 16,-
David Gilmour<On An Island> EU 2006 EMI Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold, Poster mint EUR 249,-
Gown<Mrs. Yellow> GER Little Teddy Recordings ‎ 2004 Vinyl, LP, 10", Album, Yellow Opaque mint EUR 12,90
Grateful Dead<Houston,Texas 11-18-1972> US Rhino DLP mint EUR 69.-
Grauzone<st> GER EMI mint EUR 49,-
Adam Green<Musik for a play> US Contraphonic mint EUR 39,90
Groundhogs<Scratching the surface> IT Akarma mint EUR 26,-
The Gun Club<Fire Of Love> FR 1982 New Rose Records mint- EUR 39,-
The Gun Club<Miami> US Animal Rec mint EUR 89,-
Guns N' Roses<Live Era '87-''93> EU Geffen 1999 4LP Set mint EUR 399,-
Guns N' Roses<The Spaghetti Incident?> EU Geffen 1993 mint EUR 89,-
Gutterball<st> GER Enemy mint EUR 69,-
Haindling 1<Buchner> GER Polydor 1982 mint EUR 6,-
Haindling<Höhlenmalerei> GER Polydor 1987 mint EUR 8,-
Haindling<Muh> GER Polydor 1989 mint EUR 8,-
Haindling<Spinn I> GER Polydor 1985 mint EUR 6,-
Haindling<Stilles Potpourri> GER Polydor 1984 mint EUR 6,-
Half Japanese<We Are They Who Ache With Amorous Love> US Psycho Acoustic Sounds 1990 mint- EUR 39,-
Lianne Hall<The Caretaker> GER LowSwing Records ‎– LOSW001 2017 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 22.90
Michael Hall and the Woodpeckers>Dead by Dinner> GER Blue Rose DLP mint EUR 49,-
Johnny Hallyday<Drole De Metier> FR Philips 1984 mint- EUR 69,-
Jessie Harper<guitar absolution in the shade of a midnight sun> Uk Kissing Spell mint EUR 49.-
P.J.Harvey<Is This Desire?> UK Island mint EUR 269.-
P.J.Harvey<Rid of me> UK Island mint EUR 149.-
P.J.Harvey<4-Track Demos> UK Island mint EUR 120.-
The Hellacopters/Gluecifer<Respect The Rock America> GER Man's Ruin clear vinyl mint- EUR 39,-
Hellmenn<Mourning of the Earth> AUS Waterfront yellow vinyl mint EUR 69,-
Helloween<Keeper of the seven keys Part II> GER Noise International mint- EUR 28,-
Kenne Highland<He's 5 beers ahead of your time> US Stanton Park 1982 mint- EUR 18,-
The Hit Men<It is what it is> GER Normal mint- EUR 22,-
The Hives<The Black And White Album> US A&M 180g LP mint EUR 39,-
Honeymoon Killers<'Til Death Do Us Part> GER King Size 1991 mint- EUR 28,-
The Hoods<Gangsters&Morticians> US Midnight Inetrnational mint EUR 39,-
Hot'lanta<No One Won> GER Ohrwurm Records 1982 mint- EUR 26,-
Hüsker Dü<Flip Your Wig> UK SST Rec 1985 mint- EUR 28,-
Hüsker Dü<Zen Arcade> US SST Rec 1984 mint EUR 69,-
The Human Instinct<Stoned Guitar> AUS Ascension 2000 mint- EUR 49,-
Michael Hurley<Parsnip Snips> GER Veracity 1995 Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered mint EUR 39,-
Joe Jackson<Look Sharp!> UK Hallmark 1985 Reissue mint- EUR 39.-
Jacobites<When the rain comes> UK 1986 Glass 45 RPM mint EUR 32.-
Jessamine<The Long Arm Of Coincidence> US Kranky 1996 DLP mint EUR 49,90
The Jesus And Mary Chain<Automatic> GER WEA mint EUR 28,-
The Jesus And Mary Chain<Automatic> EU Blanco Y Negro 1989 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 39,-
The Jesus And Mary Chain<Darklands> GER WEA mint EUR 36,-
The Jesus And Mary Chain<Honey's Dead> GER WEA mint EUR 32,-
The Jesus And Mary Chain<Psychocandy> GER WEA mint EUR 36,-
Jethro Tull<Thick As A Brick> UK EMI100 180g LP mint EUR 169,-
Danko Jones<We Sweat Blood> GER Supermodern 2003 DLP red vinyl,poster mint EUR 69.-
Danko Jones<I'm alive and on fire> GER Bad Taste Rec blue vinyl mint- EUR 28.-
Joy Division<Still> Port Vimusica DLP mint- EUR 28,-
Joy Division<Still> UK Factory DLP white ribbon mint- EUR 179,-
Joy Division<Still> GER Factory DLP white ribbon mint- EUR 179,-
Kamikaze Kissing<Deep-Fried In Budokan, Japan 4/22/88> AUS Parrot Records 1990 mint- EUR 49,-
Kastrierte Philosophen<Insomnia> GER What's So Funny About.. ‎– SF 22 1986 Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold Sleeve Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single All Media, Limited Edition, First Edition mint- EUR 39,-
King Sunny Ade And His African Beats<Juju Music> GER Island mint EUR 8,-
Kinks<s/t> Essential Music/Castle Music 180g RePress UK 1998 Mono mint EUR 39,90
Kinks<Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire> Castle Music 180g RePress/UK 2000 Mono mint EUR 39,90
Kiss<Revenge> NL 1992 Mercury mint EUR 39,-
David Kitt<Small Moments> UK Rough Trade 2000 mint- EUR 34,-
Mark Knopfler<Kill to get crimson> EU Mercury DLP mint- EUR 22.-
The Kooks<Inside in inside out> EU Virgin DLP mint EUR 189,-
Kosmonautentraum<Juri Gagarin> GER ZickZack 1982 mint- EUR 49,-
Kraan<X> GER TiS 1983 mint- EUR 28,-
Kraan<2 Schallplatten> GER Gee Bee Dee 1983 DLP mint- EUR 26,-
Lenny Kravitz<Lenny> EU Virgin pressed mint EUR 169,-
Laibach<Rekapitulacija 1980-84> GER Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien ‎ 1985 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album Box Set all inlets + Postcard mint EUR 149,-
La Seconda Genesi<Tutto Deve Finire> Akarma mint EUR 26,-
Last Shadow Puppets<Everything You've Come To Expect> EUR 2016 Domino ‎– Vinyl, LP, Album, 180gm Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Yellow Transparent 32 page booklet, Deluxe Limited Edition mint EUR 39,90
Lard<The last temptation of Reid> Alternate Tentacles mint EUR 39,-
Leatherface / Jawbox<Your Choice Live Series> GER Your Choice Records ‎– YCLS 023 1994 Vinyl, LP, Orange mint- EUR 39,-
Led Zeppelin<Remasters> GER Atlantic 3LP mint- EUR 49,-
The Legendary Pink Dots<The Tower> UK In Phase mint- EUR 28,-
Lemon Kitters<We Buy A Hammer For Daddy> UK United Daieries Produce mint EUR 110,-
Annie Lennox<Songs Of Mass Destruction> EU Sony BMG 2007 mint/cover mint-(seam split) EUR 59,90
V.A.<Live AT The Kremlin Vol One and Two> EU New Rose 2LP mint- EUR 36.-
V.A.<Love is my only Crime> GER Intercord DLP mint EUR 39.-
Magic Mushroom Band<Re-Hash> UK Magic Eye 1992 mint- EUR 18.-
The Magic Rocking Horse<Rubble Fourteen> UK Bam Caruso 1988 mint- EUR 18.-
Mama's Boys<Official Bootleg> IRL 1981 mint- EUR 18.-
Mama's Boys<Plug it in> IRL Pussy Records 1982 mint- EUR 69.-
Mano Negra<Puta's Fever> FR Virgin 1989 mint- EUR 18,-
Barbara Manning<1212> US Matador DLP mint EUR 26.-
Marillion<Script For A Jester's Tear> GER EMI 1983 mint- EUR 26.-
Marillion<Fugazi> GER Teldec 1984 mint- EUR 16.-
Marillion<Misplaced Childhood> NL EMI 1985 mint- EUR 18.-
Marine Girls<Beach Party> UK 1981 mint- EUR 32.-
Marionetz<Jetzt Knallts> GER No Fun Records ‎– NF 012 1981 Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 39,-
The Mars Volta<Frances The Mute> US 2005 Gold Standard Laboratories 3LP Set mint EUR 169,-
Masterboy<Different Dreams> GER Polydor ltd ed. mint EUR 32,-
Dave Matthews Band<Before these croded streets> US BMG DLP mint EUR 399,-
Amanda McBroom<Dreaming> US Gecko mint- EUR 26.-
Paul McCartney<Run Devil Run> EU 1999 EMI Parlophone mint EUR 189.-
McChurch Soundroom<Delusion> GER Ohrwaschl Records 2005 RE mint EUR 49.-
Mecano<Entitled> US Torso ‎– Plexus 1981 mint- EUR 28,-
Katie Melua<Piece by piece> UK Dramatico 180g mint EUR 349,-
Metallica<The $ 5.98 E.P. Garage Days Revisited> EU Mercury Phonogram EP 1987 mint- EUR 18,-
Metallica<And Justice For All> EU Vertigo 1988 DLP mint- EUR 189,-
Metallica<Harvester Of Sorrow> EU Vertigo ‎‎1988– Vinyl, 12", EP mint- EUR 18,-
Metallica<Kill 'Em All> NL Roadrunner Records 1983 LP mint- EUR 39,-
Metallica<Master Of Puppets> EU Roadrunner Records 1986 LP mint- EUR 49,-
Metallica<st> EU Vertigo 2015 DLP red vinyl mint EUR 69,-
Minisex<Heiße Spur> AUT Schallter 1983 mint- EUR 28,-
Minny Pops<Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement> NL Plurex 900 1981 2nd Edition + Photo No 7" mint- EUR 69.-
The Misunderstood<Before The Dream Faded> UK Cherry Red 1982 mint- EUR 28.-
Der Moderne Man<Neues Aus Hong Kong> GER No Fun Records ‎– NF 018 1983 Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, 45 RPM, Mini-Album mint/cover mint- EUR 18,-
Mötley Crüe<Primal Scream> Elektra LP 45RPM incl Jacket Patch mint EUR 49,-
Mötley Crüe<Red Hot> Bootleg mint- EUR 59,-
Monitor<st> GER ATA TAK mint- EUR 26,-
Monkey Business<In a time like this> Soulciety mint EUR 24,90
Mono<Hymn to the Immortal Wind by Mono> US Human Highway 2009 DLP mint- EUR 18,-
John Mooney<Testimony> GER Minor Music mint EUR 29,90
Thurston Moore Jean Marc Montera Lee Ranaldo<Les anges du pêché> Dysmusie incl insert mint EUR 39,-
Van Morrison with Georgie Fame&Friends<How Long Has This Been Going On> Verve Exile mint EUR 49,-
The Mud Hutters<Factory Farming> UK Defensive Records 1980 mint- EUR 28.-
Elliott Murphy<Notes From The Underground> GER Blue Rose Records 2008 Vinyl, LP, Album Vinyl, 7", Single mint EUR 89.-
Gianna Nannini<California> GER Ricordi mint- EUR 6,-
Gianna Nannini<G.N.> IT Elan Boxset mint- EUR 8,-
Gianna Nannini<G.N.> GER Ricordi mint- EUR 6,-
Gianna Nannini<Profumo> GER Metronome 1986 mint- EUR 8,-
Gianna Nannini<Scandalo> GER Metronome mint EUR 8,-
Gianna Nannini<Tutto Live> GER Metronome mint EUR 6,-
Gianna Nannini<Una Radura> GER Metronome mint- EUR 8,-
Nerv<st> GER Biber 1982 mint- EUR 28,-
The New Christs<Distemper> GER Citadel 1989 mint- EUR 28,-
New Order<Back To Mine> UK DMC ‎Serie: Back To Mine 2002 3 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation mint- EUR 28,90
New Order<Low-life> GER Rough Trade 1985 mint- EUR 28,-
New Order<Republic> UK & Europe London Records 1993 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 89,-
New Order<Technique> UK Factory Communications mint EUR 32,-
New Order<VFact.111-1 Movement> PORT
mint EUR 32,-
New Race<The First&The Last> GER Line Records RE White Vinyl mint- EUR 18,-
Nirvana<In Utero> Geffen NL clear vinyl mint EUR 39,-
Nirvana<From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah> Geffen EU DLP mint EUR 59,-
Nirvana<Unplugged in New York> Geffen GER LP DGC 24727,1994 mint EUR 69,-
Nirvana<Unplugged in New York> Geffen US LP DGC 24727,1994 mint EUR 109,-
The Noyes Brothers<Sheep From Goats-100 Minutes Of Solamar/Miro> UK Object Music ‎– 1980 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition mint- EUR 28,-
Pacific Gas And Electric<Are You Ready?> NL Embassy 1981 Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue mint- EUR 28,-
Painting Over Picasso<Hello> NL Roadrunner mint EUR 39,-
Palace Music<Lost Blues And Other Songs> Domino UK 1997 DLP mint EUR 120,-
Palais Schaumburg<Palais Schaumburg> GER Palais Schaumburg ‎– 6435 139 1981 Vinyl, LP, Album mint-/cover vg+ EUR 18,-
Patto<Ducks in flight> EU Akarma mint EUR 49.-
Pearl Jam<Ten> NL Epic/Sony Promo 1991 mint- EUR 199,-
Pearl Jam<Vitalogy> MOV Reissue 180g DLP mint EUR 36,90
The Perfect Disaster<Heaven scent> UK Fire mint EUR 39,-
Al Perry&Dan Stuart<Retronuevo> GER Normal 1993 mint- EUR 18,-
Pet Shop Boys<Behaviour> EU EMI 1990 mint EUR 39,-
Pink Floyd<Floyd's of London> Bootleg Contraband mint EUR 49,-
Pink Floyd<The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn> UK EMI 1997 mono remastered mint EUR 69,-
Pink Floyd<Atom Heart Mother> UK Coercive mint EUR 69,-
Pink Floyd<Dark Side of the Moon> UK EMI 2003 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Remastered 180g LP+3Poster+2Sticker mint EUR 89,90
Pink Floyd<Dark Side of the Moon> UK EMI 2003 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Remastered 180g LP+3Poster mint EUR 49,-
Pink Floyd<Dark Side of the Moon> UK EMI 2011 Limited Edition Remastered Gatefold 180g LP+2Poster+2Sticker mint EUR 69,90
Pink Floyd<Dark Side of the Moon> UK 1997 EMI 100 180g Limited Edition 2 Posters 2 Stickers mint EUR 119,-
Pink Floyd<Dark Side of the Moon> UK 1997 EMI 100 180g Limited Edition No Poster No Cards (mint/Cover vg+) EUR 39,-
Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters<Lullaby And... The Ceaseless Roar> EU 2014 NonesuchVinyl, LP, Album Vinyl, LP, Single Sided, Album, Etched CD, Album mint EUR 89,-
Pnu Riff<The Cat Scratch> UK 1998 Holistic Rec mint- EUR 16,-
Pogues<Red Roses for me> GER Stiff green vinyl mint EUR 32.-
Pole Position<For The Future> GER 1989 mint- EUR 26,-
The Pop Group<For How Much Longer Do we tolerate mass murder?> UK Rough Trade mint EUR 69,-
The Pop Group<We Are Time> IT Base Record ‎– ROUGH 12 Y5 1980 Vinyl, LP, Compilation mint- EUR 16,-
Porcupine Tree<The Incident> EU Tonefloat 2009 DLP mint EUR 29,90
Porcupine Tree<Signify> NL 2004 Head Spin DLP mint EUR 129,-
Prong<Cleansing> EU Epic col.vinyl mint- EUR 39,-
<Psycho serenade> Beware UK mint EUR 49.-
Psycho's Mum<A Sibilant Sin> UK Woronzow 1989 mint- EUR 18.-
Pulp<Countdown 1992-1983> Nectar Masters UK DLP mint EUR 89.-
Pulp<Different Class> Island UK mint EUR 299.-
Pure Cult<For Rockers Ravers,Lovers and Sinners> UK Beggars Banquet 4 LP Boxset mint EUR 69,-
Queen+<Greatest Hits III> Parlophone DLP mint EUR 129,-
The Raconteurs<Consolers Of The Lonely> US Warner Bros. Records Third Man Records 2008 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Tri-Fold Sleeve mint EUR 119,-
Radiohead<Hail to the Thief> EU EMI DLP mint EUR 59,-
Radiohead<I might be wrong-Live Recordings> UK EMI 2001 mint EUR 32,90
Radiohead<OK Computer> UK Parlophone ‎– 7243 8 55229 1 8 1997 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold mint EUR 129,-
Rainy Day<s/t> UK Rough Trade mint EUR 69,-
Eros Ramazzotti<Cuori Agitati> EU Ariola ‎ 1985 Vinyl, LP, Album


EUR 6,-
Eros Ramazzotti<In Certi Momenti> EU DDD ‎1987 Vinyl, LP, Album


EUR 6,-
The Reaction<s/t> CH Blow Rec mint- EUR 18,-
Red Hot Chili Peppers<By The Way> EU 2002 mint EUR 89,-
Red Hot Chili Peppers<The Abbey Road E.P.> GER EMI Electrola EP mint EUR 49,-
Lou Reed<Set The Twilight Reeling> EU 1996 WB mint- EUR 139,-
Lou Reed/John Cale<Songs For Drella> UK Sire 1990 mint- EUR 28,-
R.E.M.<The Best of R.E.M. In Time 1988-2003> EU WB DLP mint EUR 599,-
Rema Rema<Wheel In The Roses> UK 4AD ‎– BAD 5 1984 Vinyl, 12", Reissue, 45 RPM mint- EUR 49,-
The Residents<Meet the Residents> EU Ralph 2003 200g LP mono mint EUR 49,-
The Residents<Mark of the Mole> US Ralph 1981 mint EUR 89,-
The Revillos<Rev Up> GER Ralph 1980 mint- EUR 26,-
Revolting Cocks<Linger Ficken' Good ...And Other Barnyard Oddities> UK Devotion 1993 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 149,-
The Rifles<Big Life> EU Cooking Vinyl DLP blue vinyl mint EUR 89,-
Alasdair Roberts<The Crook Of My Arm> US Secretly Canadian ‎– SC48 2001 Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition mint EUR 28,90
Rodriguez<Cold Fact> US Sussex SXBS 7000 2008 Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Unofficial Release mint EUR 69,-
Rodriguez<Coming From Reality> US Light In The Attic ‎– LITA038 2009 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 39,-
Roedelius<Selbstportrait-Vol.II> GER Sky 1980 mint EUR 39,-
Roedelius<Selbstportrait-Vol.III-Reise Durch Arcadien> GER Sky 1980 mint EUR 28,-
The Rolling Stones< A L'Olympia 1967> LUX Magic Dwarf Records 1988 Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release, orange translucent mint- EUR 39.-
Rolling Stones<Still Life> UK EMI Rolling Stones 1982 mint EUR 26.-
Rolling Stones<Bridges to Babylon> UK Virgin DLP 1987 mint EUR 239.- **
Rolling Stones<Voodoo Lounge> UK Virgin DLP


EUR 189.-
Rolling Stones<Voodoo Lounge> EEC Virgin DLP



EUR 289.-
The Roxx<Sugar&Spice> GER Exit ‎– 1986 Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition


EUR 39.-
Calvin Russell<Soldier> FR New Rose Rec mint EUR 29,90
Sade<The Best Of Sade> UK Epic 1994 2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation mint- EUR 149,-
Sade<The Ultimate Collection> EU 2011 Sony Music 3LP Set mint- EUR 289,-
Salamander<The Ten Commandments> UK Youngblood mint EUR 69,-
Samsara Blues Experiment<Revelation & Mystery> GER World In Sound ‎– WIS-3507 2011 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 39,-
Saracen<Heroes,Saints&Fools> Nucleus mint- EUR 49,-
Sky "Sunlight" Saxon And Fire Wall<World Fantastic> US Skyclad Records 1988 mint- EUR 28.-
Sky Sunlight Saxon Universal Stars Peace Band<Masters Of Psychedelia> FR New Rose 1984 mint- EUR 26.-
Sky "Sunlight"Saxon&The Original Seeds<takes & glories> GER Line 1987 mint- EUR 26.-
Sky Sunlight Saxon&The Stars New Seed Band<Starry Ride> UK Psycho Records clear vinyl 1981 mint- EUR 26,-
The Rare Sky Saxon<New Fruit From Old Seeds>Volume One US Archive International 1983 mint- EUR 28,-
Boz Scaggs<Come On Home> US Friday Music 2012 180g DLP mint EUR 39,90
Scars<Author!Author!> GER Charisma ‎– Phonogram ‎–1981 Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 18,-
Schleimer K<st> UK Omega 1981 mint/cover vg EUR 39,-
Conrad Schnitzler<Conal> UK Uniton 1981 mint- EUR 169.-
Conrad Schnitzler<Con3> GER Sky 1981 mint- EUR 49.-
Eberhard Schoener<Events> GER Harvest ‎– 1C 062-45879 1980 Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold mint- EUR 12.-
Eberhard Schoener<Events> GER Harvest ‎– 1C 064-45 879 1980 Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold mint- EUR 12.-
Eberhard Schoener<Meditation> GER Kuckuck 1982 Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered mint-/cover vg+ EUR 16.-
Eberhard Schoener<Time Square> GER Harvest ‎– 1C 064-46 049, EMI Electrola 1981 Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold mint- EUR 12.-
Gil Scott-Heron<Spirits> US TVT mint EUR 69,-
Screamin'Jay Hawkins/John Lurie<from OST Stranger than Paradise> BELG Crammed Disc 12"45RPM mint EUR 28,-
Sea Shanties<High Tide> GI Records mint EUR 49,-
The Seeds<st> GER Line 1982 mint EUR 32,-
Peter Sellers<at the Hollywood Party> IT Toast mint EUR 49,-
Shellac<Terraform> UK Touch And Go 1998 mint- EUR 28,-
The Shiny Men<Again!> UK Experimental 1981 mint- EUR 18,-
V.A.<Shutdown 66> CAN Ernie Douglas Rec 1991 mint- EUR 18,-
Silicon Dream<Time Machine(1st Album)> US Drag City Metalbox mint EUR 299,-
Silver Jews<Bright Flight> US 2001 Drag City mint- EUR 16,-
Silver Jews<Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea> US 2008 Drag City mint- EUR 18,-
Silver Jews<Tanglewood Numbers> US 2005 Drag City mint- EUR 16,-
Silver Jews<The Natural Bridge> UK Domino 1996 mint- EUR 16,-
Paul Simon<Surprise> US Warner Bros. Records 2006 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 119,-
The Sinners<From the heart down> ESP Twins mint EUR 28,-
Sisters of Mercy<Heidelberg Rhein Neckar Halle,22 November 1990> GER No Man ltd. edition mint- EUR 99,-
The Sisters of Mercy<Speed Kings 1990> UK unofficial Merciful Release white label mint- EUR 39,-
The Sisters of Mercy<The Damage is done> UK unofficial Merciful Release mint- EUR 39,-
Skid Row<Skid Row> US 1989 Atlantic mint- EUR 29,-
Skid Row<Slave To The Grind> GER 1991 Atlantic mint- EUR 49,-
The Slickee Boys<Uh Oh...No Breaks!> FR New Rose 1985 white vinyl mint- EUR 12,-
The Slickee Boys<Cybernetic Dreams> GER Line 1984 white vinyl mint- EUR 18,-
The Slickee Boys<Here to stay> GER Line 1982 mint- EUR 18,-
Smashing Pumpkins<Gish> US Virgin DLP mint EUR 24,90
Elliott Smith<Figure 8> US 2017 Geffen Records 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Repress, Clear / White Vinyl mint- EUR 89,-
The Smiths<Hatful Of Hollow> UK Rough Trade 1984 LP mint- EUR 129,-
The Smiths<The Queen Is Dead> UK Rough Trade 1986 LP mint- EUR 89,-
The Smiths<The World Won't Listen> UK Rough Trade 1987 LP mint- EUR 69,-
The Smiths<Louder than Bombs> UK Rough Trade DLP mint EUR 69,-
Gino Soccio<Remember> CAN Celebration 1984 mint-/cover vg+ EUR 39,-
Gino Soccio<S-Beat> US Celebration mint EUR 26,-
Sodom<Agent Orange Box> Shakedown Sounds ltd Ed,incl. 2 slipmats,large sticker,wristband,2 pic discs mint EUR 129,-
The Soft Boys<Underwater Moonlight> UK Armageddon Records ‎–1980 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 89,-
Soundgarden<Down On The Upside> UK & Europe A&M Records 1996 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 89,-
Spacemen 3<Playing With Fire> UK Fire Records 1988 mint- EUR 89.-
Spizzenergi<Spizz History> UK Rough Trade ‎– ROUGH SO1 1982 Vinyl, LP, Compilation mint- EUR 28.-
Bruce Springsteen&The E Street Band Live/1975-85> NL CBS 1986 Promo LP incl. Poster mint EUR 46.-
Steely Dan<Two Against Nature> EU Giant Records 2000 mint EUR 249.-
The Steppes<Enquire Within> US Voxx Records 1989 mint- EUR 26.-
Joss Stone<Introducing Joss Stone> US Virgin Records America ‎– 0946 3 76268 1 8 2007 2 × Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, 180 gram mint EUR 69,90
Joe Strummer& The Mescaleros<Global A Go-Go> EU Hellcat DLP mint EUR 69,-
Nikki Sudden&Dave Kusworth Jacobites<Fortune Of Fame> UK Glass 1988 mint- EUR 32,-
Nikki Sudden&Rowland S.Howard<Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc> GER Rough Trade 1987 mint- EUR 28,-
Rocky Sullivan<Illegal Entry> GER Rag Baby Records 1980 mint- EUR 18,-
Sun Kil Moon<April> Caldo Verde DLP mint EUR 399,-
Sun Kil Moon<Ghosts of the Great Highway> Jetset DLP mint EUR 399,-
Matthew Sweet<100%Fun> BMG/RTI HQ180g mint EUR 69,-
Swell Maps<... In "Jane From Occupied Europe"> UK 1980 Rough Trade mint- EUR 89,-
VA<A Slice Of Swingin' Pig Vol.1> LUX The Swingin' Pig 1988 Promo mint- EUR 18,-
VA<A Slice Of Swingin' Pig Vol.2> LUX The Swingin' Pig 1988 Promo mint- EUR 18,-
Tangerine Dream<Optical Race> US Private mint- EUR 18,-
The Teardrop Explodes<Kilimanjaro> NL Mercury 1980 mint- EUR 28,-
The Teardrop Explodes<Wilder> IRL Mercury mint EUR 39,-
TgrLou<The loyal> S Startracks/Riptide yellow vinyl mint EUR 239,-
TgrLou<st> S Startracks yellow vinyl mint EUR 199,-
Thee Headcoatees<Punk Girls> US 1997 Sympathy For The Record Industry mint- EUR 39,-
Thievery Corporation<Saudade> US 2014 ESL 180g Testpressing mint EUR 39,-
Throbbing Gristle<Thee Psychick Sacrifice> UK Karnage Illuminated Records Kill 1 1982 DLP mint- EUR 89,-
Ton Steine Scherben<IV> GER David Volksmund 1981 mint-/cover vg+ EUR 49.-
Ton Steine Scherben<In Berlin 1984> GER David Volksmund 1984 mint- EUR 36.-
Ton Steine Scherben<Warum geht es mir so dreckig> GER David Volksmund EFA RP 1991 mint EUR 26.-
Tortoise<TNT> US Thrill Jockey ‎– THRILL 050 2012 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue mint EUR 69,-
Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder<Talking Timbuktu> UK World Circuit mint EUR 69,-
Frank Tovey<Snakes&Ladders> GER Mute 1986 mint- EUR 12,-
Frank Tovey&The Pyros<Worried Men In Second-Hand Suits> UK Mute 1992 mint- EUR 28,-
Travis<The Invisible Band> Independiente mint EUR 129,-
Travis<The Man Who> EU Independiente 1999 Vinyl, LP, Album Vinyl, 12", Maxi-Single, Limited Edition mint EUR 289,-
Trek with Quintronic Landing<st> US Plane 1980 mint- EUR 39.-
Trio<Bye Bye> GER Mercury mint- EUR 8,-
VA<The Tucson Sound 1960-1968 Think Of The Good Times!> US Bacchus Archives mint- EUR 18,-
<Turn It Up...Or Turn It Off> UK Fever Records 1986 mint- EUR 16,-
23 Skidoo<Seven Songs> UK Fetish Records Mini Album 1982 mint- EUR 26,-
The Unclaimed<The Unclaimed> GER Resonance 1987 mint- EUR 39,-
Uncle Tupelo<Anodyne> US Rhino Records 2010 Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 gram mint EUR 69,-
United Balls<Hobo> GER Virgin 1989 mint- EUR 28,-
U2<Zooropa> UK Island 1993 mint EUR 169,-
Townes Van Zandt<In Pain> GER Normal new EUR 89,-
Various Artists&Sonny Gee<What A Way To Die-15 Forgotten Losers from the Mid 60's> US Satan mint- EUR 49.-
VC-People<Mystery Of Bomarzo> GER 1981 Jupiter Records mint- EUR 49.-
The Veil<Heavy Heart> US Amdusias 1986 mint- EUR 18.-
The Vietnam Veterans<Catfish Eyes> GER Music Maniac 1987 mint EUR 26.-
The Vietnam Veterans<Crawfish For The Notary> FR Lolita1984 mint- EUR 26.-
The Vietnam Veterans<Green Peas> GER Music Maniac 1985 mint- EUR 26.-
Visitors<Visitors> UK RCA 1981 mint- EUR 39.-
Wailing Souls At Channel One<7's,12's and Versions> UK Pressure Sounds DLP mint EUR 39,90
Scott Walker<sings Jacques Brel> UK Philips RP 1981 mint- EUR 69.-
Wallenstein<Sssss..Top> GER EMI 1981 mint- EUR 18.-
M.Ward<Hold Time> UK 4AD 2009 DLP mint EUR 69,-
Warhorse<As heaven turns to ash> UK Southern Lord DLP mint EUR 69,-
<We can fly-27 Tracks of British Psychedelic Rarities 1967-1972> UK Past Present DLP mint EUR 129,-
Ween<Shinola Vol.1> UK Schnitzel mint EUR 69,-
Ween<12 Golden Country Greats> UK Flying Nun mint EUR 129,90
Paul Weller<Stanley Road>10th anniversary edition UK GO mint EUR 89,-
Wha ha ha<st> UK Recommended Rec LP 45RPM mint- EUR 26,-
White Lion<Mane Attraction> EU Atlantic 1991 Hardcover Box mint EUR 39,-
William Elliott Whitmore<Latitudes-GMT 0:03 LP> UK Southern 'Untitled 'Edition of 1000 Red Vinyl mint- EUR 28,-
Lucinda Williams<World Without Tears> US Lost Highway DLP mint EUR 39,-
Brian Wilson<Gettin In Over My Head> US Rhino 2004 DLP mint- EUR 24,-
Wipers<Land of the lost> CAN Restless 1986 mint- EUR 32,-
Wire<Object 47> UK Pinkflag 2008 LP +12"EP mint EUR 129,-
Wiseblood<Dirtdish> FR K422 1987 mint- EUR 28,-
Witthüser & Westrupp<Trips und Träume, Der Jesuspilz, Bauer Plath> GER ZYX 1980 Box mint- EUR 32,-
Ron Wood<Sure the one you need> GER Perfect Beat multicol vinyl DLP ltd ed 1000 mint EUR 89,-
Workshop<Talent/Meiguiweisheng Xiang/Mundwinkelplage> GER Ladomat 3xLP mint EUR 39,-
Wormwood<Starvation> US Kreation Rec DLP Grey marble vinyl mint EUR 36,90
Woronzoid<st> UK Woronzoid DLP mint EUR 28,-
XTC<Apple Venus Vol. 1> UK Cooking Vinyl ‎– COOK 172 1999 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 149,-
XTC<Homespun> UK Cooking Vinyl 1999 mint EUR 49,-
XTC<Oranges & Lemons> EU Virgin DLP mint EUR 39,-
Ike Yard<A Second A Fact> NL Factory America 1982 mint EUR 49,-
Yello<Pocket Universe> GER Mercury DLP mint EUR 179,-
Yello<Solid Pleasure> FR Celluloid, Ralph Records ‎– 529808 1981 Vinyl, LP, Album mint/cover mint- EUR 28,-
Yellow Magic Orchestra<X∞Multiplies> NL A&M Records ‎1980 Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Gatefold Sleeve mint EUR 12,-
Neil Young<Dreamin' Man Live '92> US Reprise Because Sound Matters 2009 180g mint EUR 169,-
Neil Young<Storytone> EU Reprise 2014 180g DLP Deluxe Edition, Special Edition, Textured Sleeve, Poster mint EUR 69,-
Neil Young and Crazy Horse<sleeps with angels> GER Reprise/WB DLP mint EUR 69.-
Zakary Thak<Texas Band> US Moxie Records 1980 Vinyl, LP, Compilation mint- EUR 49,-
Zappa<Thing-Fish>Original Cast Recording NL EMI Barking Pumpkin 3LP Boxset+Libretto mint EUR 99,-
Frank Zappa<FZ 1984 Tour -Big Mother is watching you> US MOI Rec mint- EUR 28.-
Frank Zappa The Mothers of Invention<'tis the season to be Jelly>Live in Sweden 1967 US-Rhino 1992 mint EUR 69,-
Frank Zappa<Francesco Zappa> GER EMI Digital 1984 mint EUR 18.-
Frank Zappa<Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention> US Barking Pumpkin Records ‎– ST 74203 1985 Vinyl, LP, Album mint- EUR 39.-
Zeus<Attack Time> GER Aladin 1981 mint-/Cover vg+ EUR 18,-
ZZ Top<Antenna> EU RCA 1994 Vinyl, LP, Album mint EUR 49,90