Berlioz<Symphonie Fantastique>BSO/Munch

LSC-1900 45RPM 3LP new EUR 189,-

Tchaikovsky<Symphony No.6>BSO/Monteux

LSC-1901 new EUR 30.-

Bartok<Concerto for Orchestra>CSO/Reiner

LSC-1934 new EUR 40.-

Prokofieff<Lieutnant Kije>CSO/Reiner

LSC-2150 new EUR 40.-
Saint-Saens<Concerto No.2>Franck<Symphonic Variations>Wallenstein<Symphony of the Air>Arthur Rubinstein LSC 2234 45RPM new Promo EUR 89,-


LSC-2285 45RPM new


EUR 18.-


Prokofieff<Symphony No.7>PCO/Martinon

LSC-2288 new EUR 30.-

Prokofieff<Symphony No.7>PCO/Martinon

LSC-2288 45RPM DLP new EUR 69.-

Borodin<Symphony No.2>PCO/Martinon

LSC-2298 sealed EUR 39,-

Tchaikovsky<Symphony No.4>BSO/Monteux

LSC-2369 new EUR 39,90

Tchaikovsky<Symphony No.4>BSO/Monteux

LSC-2369 sealed EUR 90.-

V.A.<Ballett Music from theOpera>ROHCG/Fistoulari

LSC-2400 new EUR 30.-


LSC-2405 new EUR 39,90

Debussy<"Preludes-Book 1">Casadessus(pno)

LSC-2415 new EUR 30.-

Dvorak<Slavonic Dances>LSO/Martinon

LSC-2419 new EUR 40.-

V.A.<"Festival<Marche Slave etc.">CSO/Reiner

LSC-2423 sealed EUR 49.-

Rachmaninov<Varns on Paganini/De Falla>CSO/Rubinstein/Reiner

LSC-2430 new EUR 30.-


LSC-2450 4x45 rm never issued Classic Records 180g mint EUR 169,-

Dvorak<Symphony No.2>LSO/Monteux

LSC-2489 sealed EUR 69.-
Dvorak< Symphony No.2> LSO/Monteux LSC-2489 RCA 4x45rpm slingle sided pressing / Test pressing never released ! sealed EUR 189,-

Dvorak<Cello Concerto>Piatigorsky/Munch/Boston Symphony

LSC-2490 sealed EUR 69.-


LSC-2500 mint EUR 39.-

Gershwin<Concerto in F/Cuban Ov>BPO/Wild/Fiedler

LSC-2586 new EUR 30.-

Ernest Ansermet-The Royal Ballet-Gala Performances

LDS-6065 white cover mint EUR 169,-

Bob And Ray<A Stereo Spectacular>

LSP-1773 new EUR 149,90

Dick Schory<"Music for Bang,Baroom&Harp">

LSP-1866 sealed EUR 69.-

Paul Desmond With Strings<Desmond Blue>

LSP-2438 RTI Testpressing Classic records US 1996 sealed EUR 69.-

Charles Mingus<Tijuana Moods>

LSP-2533 new EUR 30.-

Sonny Rollins<Our Man in Jazz>

LSP-2612 new EUR 45.-

Sonny Rollins<Sonny meets Hawk>w.Coleman Hawkins

LSP-2712 new EUR 39,90

DeFalla<Nights in the Garden ofSpain>PCO/De Burgos/Soriano

ASD-545 new EUR 30.-

DeFalla<The Three Cornered Hat>Philh De Burgos/De Los Angeles

ASD-608 new EUR 39,90

Tchaikovsky<Manfred Symphony>LSO/Previn

ASD-3018 new EUR 40.-

Elgar<Coronation Ode>Philh/Ledger

ASD-3345 new EUR 30.-


SXL-2164 new EUR 25.-

Albeniz<Suite Espanola>NPO/Frühbeck De Burgos

SXL-6355 new EUR 30.-

B.Herrmann<Music from the greatmovie thrillers>LPO/Herrmann

PFS-4173 new EUR 25.-

J.S.Bach<"BrandenburgischeKonzerte 2,5,6">CMW/Harnoncourt

Telefunken new EUR 25.-


Telefunken new EUR 36.-


Telefunken 45RPM new EUR 69,90

Ahmad Jamal<Ahmad Jamal's Alhambra>

LPS-685/RTI mint EUR 69.-

Charles Mingus<Ah Uhm>

CS-8171 new EUR 35.-

Duke Ellington<Blues in Orbit>

CS-8241 new EUR 30.-

Billie Holiday<Songs for Distinguished Lovers>

MGVS-6021 new EUR 45.-

Johnny Hodges<Blues a Plenty>

MGVS-68358 new EUR 39,90

Coleman Hawkins<Alive At The Village Gate>

MGVS-8509 45RPM 4LP new EUR 260.-

Bill Evans<At The Montreux Jazz Festival >

V6-8762 45rpm side A2(only) sealed EUR 39.-

Gil Evans<plays Jimi Hendrix>

APL1-0667 new EUR 30.-

Blue Mitchell<Out of the Blue>

AA-020 new EUR 25.-

Bill Evans<Sunday at VillageVanguard>

AE 004 new EUR 30.-

Tubby Hayes<Tubby the Tenor>

BA-17008 new EUR 45.-

Charlie Rouse<Yeah!>

BA-17012 new EUR 39,90
Nanci Griffith<Storms> MCA 6319 new EUR 39,90

Art Davis<Time Remembered>

TJPL4001 Vinyl, LP, Test Pressing, 180gram mint EUR 49.-

Shirley Horn<Travelin' Light>

Alto Analogue ‎– AA 009 RTI 180g GER 1997 mint EUR 49.-

Shirley Horn<Travelin' Light>

never issued 3x 45rpm RTI Testpressing Classic Records mint EUR 189.-

John Lee Hooker<The Real Folk Blues>

new EUR 50.-

Shaver<Tramp On Your Street>

US Classic Records mint EUR 69.-
Coleman Hawkins<Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster> Verve 180g 2x45rpm Testpressing single sided pressing sealed EUR 189,-

Jerome Harris<Algorithms>

GER Minor Music 1986 Pallas 33RPM mint EUR 39.-

Buddy Guy<Live>Holly Cole Trio<Temptation>

RTH-1543-1/JP-5003-1 45RPM new EUR 129.-

Buddy Guy / Holly Cole Trio<Untitled>

US Classic Records ‎– HC-PRO 45 1996 Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Promo, Test Pressing sealed EUR 129.-
Testrecord Clearaudio new EUR 29,90

Kenny Rodgers<Greatest Hits>

MFSL-1-049 new EUR 39.-

Albeniz<Suite Espanola>NPO/Frühbeck De Burgos

KIJC 9144 new EUR 36.-

Münchinger BaroqueConcert<dto>Stuttgart Chamber/Münchinger

KIJC 9147 new EUR 36.-

Bruckner<Sy.No.4>Wagner<Siegfried Idyll>VPO/Knappertsbusch

KIJC 9209 new EUR 36.-

Mahler<Das Lied von der Erde>VPO/Walter

KIJC 9210 new EUR 36.-

Franck<Symphony in D minor>VPO/Furtwängler

KIJC 9211 new EUR 36.-

Dvorak<Cello Concerto in B minor Op.104>P.Fournier/VPO/Kubelik

KIJC 9215 new EUR 60.-

Frühbeck De Burgos Orchestral Concert<<dto><NPO/Frühbeck De Burgos

KIJC 9238 new EUR 36.-

Brahms<Concerto ForViolin And Cello> Heifetz/Piatigorsky

LDS2513 Cisco/RCA-Living StereoReissue 180g LP new EUR 60.-

Grieg<Peer Gynt>Boston Pops/Fiedler

LSC 2125 Cisco/RCA-Living StereoReissue 180g LP new EUR 45.-

Guess Who<American Woman>

LSP 4266 Cisco/RCA-Living StereoReissue 180g LP new EUR 65.-

Yama&Giro's Wave<Girl Talk>

TBM-2559-45 Cisco/TBM Special LimitedEdition Reissue 45RPM 180g DLP Promo new EUR 189,-